Eleni Vamvakari (theophania) wrote in polygreeks,
Eleni Vamvakari

Getting A Dog

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, Mom finally told me the words I've been waiting for. No, not "you're going to Greece" but "Tiffany, I think it's time to get you a puppy." This is to be a pet, not a guide dog. She kept saying maybe someday, not now, someday and it's now. We're getting him/her from the Northshore Animal League in Long Island because I refuse to buy a dog from a store, and there were over 900 puppies caught in this horrible puppy mill that were living in cages and abused. So Mom's going to adopt one for her and Joanie (her partner), but this one's mine. So, aside from looking for all natural food etc and gathering a list of Greek words to use in obedience training, I'm thinking of a name. Mom actually asked me if I was gonna name him Markos (after Markos Vamvakaris), but I said no I'd probably call him manga. If it's a girl though, I don't know what I'd call her (lol don't be a wise guy and say mangisa) and am looking for suggestions. It has to be something Greek, and can either be a person's name, a traditional dog name, something patriotic or something related to rebetika. I've actually heard that some people name their dog mavro, which made me laugh. But you'd have to know a little koutsavakika (manga slang) to know what I mean. To be honest, when she said girl, the name Αθηνά (Athena, with the accent on the last alpha so the personal name not the city) popped into my head. Is it appropriate to name your dog after a deity? Also, is there any Hellenic ritual that I can perform to ask the gods to bless the dog or to welcome him/her into my home?
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