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National Anthem

Γεια σας. I posted this in hierarchy and greekgirlsrule

Before starting, some of the rebetika links at my wannastart pages offer downloads, and the patriotic one linked to here has full songs. Please, I respectfully ask that if you're not ok with this, that you just skip or leave them alone.

"Geia sas. I'm honestly ashamed of this, but if I don't ask, I'll never know... I don't know the words to the national anthem! I know the melody and always stand when I hear it, but I want to learn the words before Independence Day. I have an mp3 with them, but it's difficult to hear them clearly. Anyway, can someone please post them for me in actual Greek (not Greeklish)? I'd sincerely appreciate it. Also, I'm sure it's in Katharevousa, but could you please use the monotonic system? Otherwise, my screenreading software will go nuts. I'll add to this post when it's done so the rest of you could relax. Thanks."
And someone in the former sent this wonderful link!
So now I can finally learn the words! It's fully screenreader accessible, using the monotonic system. Btw, here's the melody.http://www.kypros.org/Occupied_Cyprus/epiktitos/video/video.htm
If you want to hear the words sung, you want the National Hymn of Greece (A). The others are just the melody. Also, if you want to check out some really great Hellenic links of all kinds, go to
And for the religious stuff, go here.
Wannastart.com is a free tool to let you create your own start page, complete with custom categories. You can even add rss feeds! I found it awhile ago and love it. These are actually taken from my favourites, and the list keeps growing. So if you know of anything that may interest me, let me know. For now, though, happy listening.
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