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Eleni Vamvakari

Modern Versus Ancient

Thinking of posting this to a few Hellenic places, along with the temple article that I mentioned, which I will post for you guys in the next entry..

Geia sas,
This morning's post about the temple of Artemis brought back to mind something that's been bothering me for awhile. I first want to say that as both a Hellenic patriot and a Hellenic Polytheist, I understand the importance of such places, both to our culture and to our religion. And this is where the problem comes in. How do we balance the needs of the people today with those of the future? I'm not talking about building golf courses or condos. But what about hospitals, schools, houses? How do we decide which sites stay and which go, or do we keep them all. Obviously, they would never destroy places like the Parthenon or the Acropolis. They bring in too much money and are full of history and meaning. But what about the more minor ones? What about the places that aren't touristy? Religiously, what are our obligations to these places? Do we choose between jobs for today and preserving our culture for tomorrow? Is there a way to compromise? I'm especially curious to here from those who are not patriotic towards Greece. Do you still feel that you should do something to preserve our religious history? For those of us who are, whether in the diaspora or in Hellas, how do we help our fellow-Greeks to understand the importance of all of this, not necessarily on a religious level, but on a historical one? On the same token, if someone comes up to us and says "I'm hungry and want to feed my family, and they're building a hotel over there where I can work" how do we deal with that? The level of poverty in Greece is appauling and downright frightening, at least, according to this article.
It used to be that Greeks took great pride in everything ancient. But do you think that the level of self-pride has gone down for those in Greece today? Have they become so corrupted that they just want to keep up with the Jones's so-to-speak and neglect Greek contributions to the world or is there still a sense of importance about all of this? If not, I think we're in serious trouble. If we forget where we came from, what it means to be Hellenic, I honestly don't know what will happen to us.

Sorry for rambling. I just wanted to get my thoughts down and see what others thought.

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