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Help Save The Temple of Artemis Agrotera

Here you go. This was originally sent to Hellenic_Recons By Nike Stamatiou.
"Dear Friends, Chaire!
Please check the link below, and sign the petition, to save the temple of Artemis Agrotera...
the site is written in Hellenic, below is the english translation..
thank you,
Goddess Bless,
For Artemis,
is a dynamic site of information, communication, and active protest concerning the endangered archeological site of the 5 th B.C ionic temple of Artemis Agrotera on Ardittou St, Mets in the centre of Athens, created by the Citizens of Mets Initiative.
We are a diverse group of people concerned with cultural heritage and the environment and who react to incidents of destruction that occur in the area of Mets. The temple of Artemis is our most important issue presently and we have decided to put it on the net because we believe its scope extends beyond the boundaries of our neighborhood. The sacred site is endangered by a lobby of speculative real estate developers and perspective builders and a slackening in its protection by the state.
The purpose of this site is to inform all interested about the historical significance of the temple and to engender support via a petition. The signatures gathered will then be sent to the Greek Parliament and to the European Parliament with the request that:
The sacred site of the temple of Artemis Agrotera be finally expropriated, fully excavated, unified to the archeological sites adjoining it and opened to the general public, and this after over a century since it was first excavated in 1897 and over forty years since it was protected and first declared for expropriation in 1964.
The website will be open to your support and suggestions for action.
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