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Prayers Needed for Ellada

I usually don't post to PolyGreeks because no one else does, though I know tthat there are plenty of Hellenic news and other topics that might be of interest to the group. But anyway, just posted the following to Hellenic Recons, Hellenic Pagan, Hercules Invictus and the Google version of PolyGreeks.
"*Please pass this along to any appropriate groups.*
Geia sas,

It looks like there are more problems in Ellada today. As some of you may know, there have been several earthquakes this year, but so far, no one has died. This one was different.
I'm praying for the families and the people effected. I'm asking that you join me in these prayers and also in general ones for Hellas, particularly with the summer now upon us. I'd also like to make a special offering to The Gods and need some advice. I'm thinking of burning a large portion of high-quality steak and maybe libating with wine to ask for protection of the country. To whom should I sacrifice and what other offerings are appropriate? Btw, feel free to do the same or to honour Them in your own way. We need all the help we could get.

Thank you and blessings,
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