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polygreeks's Journal

for Hellenic Polytheists who love modern Greece
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For Hellenic Polytheists and others who love Modern Greece.
*While this group isn't sexual in nature, some of the material may not be suitable for minors. Please join only if you're an adult in your country of residence.*

Geia sas and welcome to PolyGreeks (also available on Google Groups.)
This is a group for Hellenic Polytheists, but we focus on our Greek heritage (or spiritual ancestry). We embrace the lyra and the bouzouki. We love everything Greek except the Orthodox Church, meaning the establishment. We have no problems with people who are Greek Orthodox, so long as they're respectful to us. Here, we'll worship the gods and express our love of modern Hellas as well. From language, to recipes, to news, to sports, to stories of modern heroes, if it's Greek, bring it in. Ranting and raving is also fine, so long as it doesn't turn into flame wars, he said she said or this is the only way to practise our religion debates. So llet's have some fun!
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