apeiron_gaia (apeiron_gaia) wrote in polygreeks,


Hello, just joined.  I don't know if I missed you guys with my first search, but I am SO glad I found this community.

I am turning 30 in less than a month, I am married, have three cats, and am looking into reconstruction religions for a spiritual path.

I have been drawn to Hellene Reconstructionism due to my learning and taking a liking to the pre-socratic philosophers.  I also enjoy learning about cosmology, metaphysics, and quantum physics, or at least as much as my right brained thinking can comprehend. 

My exposure has been purely philosophical, so I am here to learn everything else. 

That being said, I have zero Greek blood.  I am also open to Celtic Recon., as I am mostly Irish and English, but due to the deep philosophical and metaphysical roots found in ancient Ionic and Greek society, I an intellectually drawn to Greek Recon.  I am trying to stay open to both right now, though due to graduate school, I am more exposed to Greek philosophy than Celtic. 

If anyone could recommend some good and philosophically-dense introductions for me to read over the holidays, I would really appreciate it.

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